Name of the spot: Kite Crew, Chałupy 6
City: Chałupy
Post Code: 84-120
Street: Kaperska, Kemping Chałupy 6
Number: +48 664 711 131


Contact person: Katarzyna “Kate” Lange
Owner: Katarzyna “Kate” Lange
Since: 2014
Team members: 12

How to get there

Airport – by plane – where to plan your trip? Gdańsk – Lech Walesa Airport
Trainstation – by train – how to get – where? Gdańsk-Gdynia metropolitan train, and later PKP from Gdynia-Chałupy
Car? Where to park the car – how to get – what city closest etc.? Destination is Chałupy town, our Camping is next to Chałupy town,

Nobile kites, Nobile boards
Aurish kites

Boards - Nobile, and Encore
Kites – Nobile and Airush
Bar – Nobile and Airush
Roxy / Quiksilver

Other activities?

Windsurfing: no
Kayak: no
Snorkeling: no

1. Few words about the spot
One of the best spots in Europe with kilometers of flat and shallow water of Pucka Bay.

2. How would you like to invite people to you?

The vibe of the place is amazing, I can only compare it to Tarifa – yes, as good ! 6km of camping spots, with many kitesurfers coming to spend the summer here, everyone should come and check it out !!

3. Interesiting facts
Hel Peninsula is a natural park area, with seals leaving in the water, and beautiful deserted sandbanks in the middle of the Bay that you can kite along for kilometers!

4. Why you, why people should come to you?

Kitesurfers are travelers, and from time to time we get to places that are so vibrant and have atmosphere perfect for good riding and good party, that it stays in your memory for long time, and you want to come back every year – Chałupy, Hel is one of those!