City: Ringkøbing
Post code: 6950
Street: Søndervig landevej 3
t+ (45) 51 71 31 14
t+ (45) 278 11 700
Contact persons:
Benjamin danesits
Frankae Eckart
Allan Bo Mikkelsen

Info about the spots and the Surffarm:
We have great kitesurfspots around Ringkøbing Fjord, Our kitespot „Kloster“ provides over 7 Km of knee deep water, and has 50% of the time glassy water.
Kloster surfspot is the most popular place to kite surf in northern Europe.

What tourists don’t know about the spot:
Kloster kitespot normally provides more wind then other places. We are lucky to have a lot of thermic winds. That means when the weather forecast is telling you 4 m/s, you can get 8 m/s.
Talk with the staff about when the thermic wind is coming.

Wind conditions:
Kloster works from:
South east
All west directions
And works to North west 360 degrees.


Weather Conditions:
From march to november we have good conditions and okay temperatures from 15 to 25 degress celsius.

Other activities on the spot/location:
Paddel surf
All equipment can be rented.

If you are looking for the perfect wake style spot, just go behind "Baggers Dæmning":°06'14.9%22N+8°09'10.4%22E/@56.104132,8.1506963,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d56.104129!4d8.152885
This area works in South east winds.

If you want to ride waves, its a 30 minutes drive to famous Hvide Sande.
Out there the waves can reach up to 5 meters heights in North west winds.

When teaching both newbies or progression we can always find a space for ourselves in any wind condition. This gives our students the possibility to learn the art of kitesurfing in a very calm and effective way.

Our Station is located only 1.9 km from the Kitespot. On the SurfFarm you will find a very cozy and relaxed place. Here you encounter the danish “hygge” and we will provide you with all the newest equipment both for sale and rent. All courses start at the SurfFarm as well, where you will be equipped and prepared for your first steps on the water. After the courses you can enjoy yourself in the sun, socialize with other kitesurfers and even camp at our campsite.

With 11 years of teaching experience, training kite instructors for VDS and specialising in teaching kids from ( 8-12 years ) we provide a personal and individual experience for all our students. Kitesurfing is not a product but an experience and should be treated as such.

Are you interested in buying gear, we can help you out with that as well, have a talk with the staff at the SurfFarm shop - they will find the Nobile gear that fits you perfectly.