City: Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico

Post Code: 97320

Street: Calle Playa, between 130-134

Telephone: +52 (1) 9992790255




Facebook: Yuckite

Instagram: Yuckite


Contact person: Angel Rojas

Owner: Angel Rojas

Since (operation start): 2012

Team members (how many persons works): 10

Wind condition: Side-onshore and onshore winds, usually steady thermal wind, 10-35 knots almost all year around
Water condition: Shallow water, no shore break, waves only with north fronts
Best time to ride: January-July, but there is wind all year around
Best hours to ride: Usually 1pm-8pm, some days also in the morning
Rescue boat: No, but not necessary at the spot


How to get there:

Airport – by plane – where to plan you trip?
- Fly to Mérida International airport (MID) or Cancun (CUN)
Train station – by train – how to get – where?
- No trains available in the region
Car? Where to park the car – how to get – what city closest etc.?
- Parking spots available at the kite center. Progreso is about 30 minutes away from Mérida, just follow the highway Mérida-Progreso. The map can be found at


Kiteboarding Boards: Around 15 NOBILE boards
Kites: Around 20 kites (sizes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,18)
Bar: 20
Wetsuits: Long and short wetsuits available

Other activities?

SUP: Yes
Windsurfing: Not directly with us, but we can provide the contact
Kayak: Yes
Snorkeling: Diving
+ Hydrofoil available with us


Few words about the spot
Progreso is the windiest spot in Mexico. Yuckite’s main spot is known as “El Playón”. It offers great conditions for teaching and riding, perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts. The beach is wide, the water is shallow (around 200m inside the ocean) with very little shore break and no waves (except with north fronts). It is the main spot of local kiteboarders, a great community where everyone looks after one another. The weather is warm throughout the year (25-35 degrees C°), sometimes during the north front season (Nov-Jan), temperature slightly goes down, but a short wetsuit suffices. The yucatecan coastline is many miles long, and there are many kite spots to visit. Yuckite offers kite-tours for visitors to these beautiful and hidden places.

2. How would you like to invite people to you?
At Yuckite, all our instructors are experienced and certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), which guarantees efficient, safe and enjoyable learning. Wind and water conditions in Progreso are perfect for learning and riding, and customer satisfaction is our highest goal at Yuckite. We offer top-notch equipment for teaching, rental and sale. For more information, please check our homepage (, as well as our facebook and Instagram account. You can also contact us directly at

3. Interesting facts
In spring and summer, there are several national kiteboard tournaments in Progreso, including main stops of the national freestyle championship and race competitions.
Yucatán has a lot to offer besides kiteboarding, and it is always worth a trip. Be it visiting Mayan ruins in the region, doing Stand-Up-Paddling in the beautiful lagoons and mangroves, or swimming and diving in Yucatán’s cenotes (sink holes) – it is the perfect place to go for people who like outdoor activities.

4. Why you, why people should come to you?
At Yuckite, we want you to have the greatest kiteboarding experience possible. Our certified instructors and qualified team is there to guide you and help you with everything you need. Our lessons are personalized and follow the international IKO methodology, which makes learning a safe and fun experience. The perfect conditions in Progreso and the excellent equipment that we use for teaching and rentals will make your visit unforgettable. We just received the 2016 TripAdvisor certificate of Excellency, please feel free to check our references.